Wednesday, October 15, 2008

When Will My Trips to Mississauga End!?

Last week, I had 4 days of training in Mississauga; it seems like I can't avoid going there! For the last 10 months, I've had quite the trek to work. It involves almost 100 kms of driving, (in rush hour traffic, or slow traffic due to some sort of accident).

I take a total of 5 highways (yes count them 5) to get home: 401 -> 400 -> 407 -> 404 -> DVP. Thank goodness my next client is located downtown, only a short drive on the DVP. I will now be able to reclaim 2 hours of my day!


Christielli said...

I missed this when you posted it. I just noticed it now.

Your trips are over now, right??

Christielli said...

Anything bloggable happen in your life in the past 4 weeks??

Any concerts or anything?? Hmmmm???